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Happiness and friendship

A smiling face is a happy face to people. A story without tragedies is a story people find worth creating in their life. Just like the stories we had had in our nursery classes, just like the poems we had had in our toddler days, we love to recreate the same happy go lucky aura in our life- even when we do not have one in reality.

"If you are happy and you know it, clap your hands!" A nursery rhyme says. And I try to clap even now, even though I have trouble knowing when I am happy and when sad! I just keep clapping, to show people that I am happy.

Sad people have stories, sad stories, curious stories and if you do not put up a happy face by clapping your hands all the time, then people start bothering you. No one bothers a happy face, with a happy story with a clapping hands!

"If you are happy and you know it, stomp your feet and shout hooray!" And I try to shout hooray without knowing what it actually means. Because if I don't then the inquisitors of this so…
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The tentacles and marriage

My so called friends are getting married. They are! those dirty and slimy creatures who were obnoxiously itchy and bed ridden with termites are now getting married. Okay, they have become humans after all these years, perhaps, but they are getting married!

Ah, so it is indeed true that after a certain age, when young people start becoming old, they start growing vampirical, societal and subjugating tentacles; perhaps hundreds of tentacles, each for a specific purpose- one for becoming greedy, one for gluttony, one for lust, one for having babies, one for showing off big houses and cars, one for killing the dreams of their better half, one for killing their own dreams, one for killing the dreams of their children and many other such ones.

I am sorry if I am offending anyone here. Please do not get offended by a moron who has lost a tentacle- the one capable of loving anyone other than himself. No, not lost but broken!

A week ago or so, I got into a conversation with one of my colleagu…

Late and lonely

Most of the time, I wake up at 4 am. The place where I stay, people wake up late at 8ish or so. Not that I do not like to doze off peacefully, like others, till late in the morning. Sometimes I do happen to do exactly that. But I have been less fortunate with it, of late.

I no longer have any reason to stay late. I try not to stay late and lonely. With just a call away, with just a message away, you remain near to me even though you have decided to part ways with me. I no longer have any reasons to wait for your call or your messages. I try not to stay late and lonely.

Attachments have always been a cause of sufferings for me. I have yet more to suffer because of that. But what's already been attached to me, can I break off those threads holding me to them? No! But you decided to go separate ways and my thread could not hold you to me forever. Perhaps, I couldn't make a stronger thread with you or with anyone attached to me. I have yet more to suffer because of that.

She sa…

The sutradhar of motion and happiness

One thing that I can say for certain is that people, wherever you put them, will always find a place favorite to them. A place where they can be themselves without having to wear a mask! Where they become who they are and not who they want themselves to be.

This story or you can say a scene is about that one place.

After a whole lot of soul searching, or to be precise a place to burn their lungs, the two idealistic young boys in their twenties had finally found a perfect place to vent out their frustrations through small, weak, half formed, half invisible, half desperate, half ambitious rings of smokes.

A buffoon can find himself a better place to smoke inside a construction site, but these two gentlemen had a tobacco head - all fidgety, moronic, filmy and inglorious bastards. After a week long search for a place to inconspicuously produce nicotine laced carbon monoxide, they found their safe haven - the back side of their construction office, a makeshift porta cabin.

In the first da…

Try counting the stars

Have you ever tried counting the stars on a benevolent cloudless night? How far were you able to count the distant glitters splattered on the dark canvas? How much was your count, supposing you actually started counting? One hundred? A Thousand ? Were you able to reach to the count of 1.2 billion stars?

I am sure it is impossible for anyone to gauge a number that big! We are living amidst such a big number. Of course I know you know I know that you know that we are in a secular nation. But do I know that you know it for a fact?

Sir! And Madame! We in this nation have a sheath. A big sheath of indifference. I am talking about the We that we carry as a commoner not the We that some mighty saffron organization shout out in their anthems.

I am talking about that We, the we who just want to survive one day at a time, who look forward to the next day hoping that it gets better than the past and the present, who suffer from the wrath of random events and yet desperately latch to the person…

What happens to peanuts?

"What happens to peanuts?" Suraj asked his friend Pratik who was dropping some peanuts into his mug of beer. They were sitting in a bar. A tinge of blue had enveloped the bar, which a while ago was imbued with an intrepid red. Colors play tricks on a human mind. What you see as red is everything but the color red! Should one not have the right to know the actual color of an object instead of the color it so proudly and deceivingly reflects? But what about the colors present inside the bar? They were not coming out as any reflection from an object! Can it be that colors from a source, like that artificially glowing bulb in the bar, be different from the colors reflected from an object, like that from peanuts?
"What do you mean what happens to peanuts? Peanuts become alcoholic, my friend! Just like us!"
Pratik, has this weird habit of dipping anything edible around him into his glass of intoxication. Once, when he was drunk as hell he explained Suraj, his friend …

The sounds of the mountains - A review

Goodreads and some bloggers have been very kind to me for recommending good books, great books. The last thing I like to do is to quit on a book and good suggestions help me not do the tragic break up. If you happen to look at the ratings I have been giving to the read books, then you would think that I am a liberal reader who likes anything he reads and do not hesitate to give a good rating. But that is because thankfully I come across very good books.
A fortnight ago, Goodreads sent me a recommendation of a Japanese Novel. The cover of the book attracted me immediately. Having an experience of watching Japanese anime and some movies, I had no doubt that it would be a good novel. Amazon India has kept a stock of the same novel, obviously the translated one. I think it was a good deal for Amazon to buy Goodreads! They are soaring very high with great collection of books, cheaper e books and how can I not mention the amazing Kindles.
The book that I am talking about, the Japanese novel,…

Stupid is as stupid does !

My momma used to say - stupid is as stupid does.That remained forever with me. I consider myself to be a below average human being with nothing extraordinary in me. Perhaps to some and also to many, being below average is a curse. People worship heroes! People worship those who are outstanding. If you are not genius at anything, then boy! you are a failure.

So, yes, I am a failure. A mediocre two legged being who doesn't have any special super power to make the world bow in front of him. But that's okay! I mean really okay, okay! I have learned to accept my mediocrity, my below average standard of living, my abysmally low ambitions. What more can I do, when I realize that I am a prisoner of my own device and that I am a stupid, with below average IQ level who cannot excel at anything.

But if you ask Forrest Gump whether he is a stupid, cause to the society he looks like one, he would tell you that stupid is as stupid does!

This line, hence, has stayed with me ever since the …

An apparition from a book

There were many things I resented after reading, for the second time in my adulthood, the much acclaimed book The alchemist by Paulo Coehlo. In fact, I went ahead with a blog post some years ago to vent out my bitterness against that book. But as it happens with most of the books, the mind stores (or rather gets haunted by) apparitions of various memorable characters, even from the worst books.

Today it so happened that I received some books through parcel and my happy harmones started kicking around when I saw that all of the books had a significant volume of pages glued together at their stiff spines. The thickest of them is the book by James Joyce - Ulysses.

I asked myself the reason for that happiness when I saw the thick volumes of books. Somewhere from a dormant recess of my mind the apparition of that shepherd boy from The Alchemist resurfaced to give answer to the reason behind those spiky bursts of happiness. The shepherd loved reading books. Most of the time he would be se…

Being a Dexter and the four agreements

Hostel life is a period when a person gets influenced a lot by his peers. I had a lot of ups and downs during that period, lots of learning and unlearning and plenty of interesting and ugliest discussions. I got into oodles of addictive habits during my stay, one of which was binge watching British and American TV series.

I got hooked to several TV series and even Japanese anime. I loved watching Narutto, the anime series. However, one series which still remains my favorite is Dexter. Dexter Morgan is a blood splatter analyst in forensic department by day time and a serial murderer by the night time. But he is not our usual serial killer. He quenches his urge of killing people by only killing the serial killers. Yes he is a serial killer of serial killers. Amazing, isn't it?

Dexter suffers from that urge of killing. You know, people have urges. Some have sexual urges, some have monetary urges, some have controlling urges and some have Godly urges. Urges, whether good or bad, do n…