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Choti si kahani

After a couple of clinks to the glasses, the warmth of intoxication starts spreading through the vein to each and every cell of the body. He opens up the laptop. Looks at me.

And says, " There is a song that I want you to listen to".

The room looks a shade crimson and throws a sudden deafening silence. It is one of those nights when the field underneath the sky sings in unison a song which disappears the moment you turn your attention to something else.

I hear him opening his laptop. With each passing second, I find myself slipping back towards the back wall. Receding back to my past.

Just then a song starts, making me stop my journey to the past.

Dawn. Foggy. Mountains covered with shades of green, yellow and melancholia.  Mild fogs hide the bare top of the mountains. From rocks, waterfall drifts down. The camera zooms out of the scene and zooms into a leaf. A dew clings to the tip of the leaf.

Choti si kahani se
Barisho ke pani se
Sare waadi bhar gaye 
Najane kyu dil bhar gay…

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