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Experiencing audible

When I first heard about this app Audible from Amazon, I didn't give a second look until long before I searched an alternative to Netflix, but only for books. Given my easily distracted mind, listening to novels didn't appeal to me, at first. Registering and animating a world out of a novel comes easily to me when I read texts instead of listening. However, there I was with a voluminous copy of Midnight's Children, and given the extremely complex narration in the book, I found finishing the novel difficult.

Consuming Netflix contents is easier. But why must consuming contents from a mighty book with complex narration and metaphorical references to God knows what be difficult? It needn't be!

Audible has made my experience of reading books much more pleasurable. With a voice narrating me the lines as I read along helps me engage my mind actively with enriching visualisation akin to watching a movie. That mighty voluminous book is, now, turning out to be a page-turner.

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