Dostoyevsky, Divinity and Devil's three temptations

The 18th century's greatest existentialist author Fyodor Dostoyevsky in his novel 'The Karamazov brother' included an otherwise very interesting and thought provoking filler on the supposed reincarnation of Christ and his interaction with an inquisitor (a member of 16th century special Roman catholic tribunal which engaged in combating and punishing heresy).

The inquisitor in the story while reprimanding Christ takes up an incident mentioned apparently in st. Luis 4:1–13.

Due to my ignominiously limited knowledge pertaining to the nuances of Christianity I decided to refer Wikipedia to know more about the verses based on which Dostoevsky penned the mentioned story.
Prima facie, the anecdote shows how Jesus in the wilderness impedes the devil's tricks of dissuading him from the path of righteousness. The devil in the story tempts Jesus to perform three miracles to prove that he is the almighty god's son. The three temptations to which he was provoked were:

1. To make bread out of stones to relieve his own hunger
2. To free himself from a pinnacle by jumping and relying on angels to break his fall.
3. To worship the devil in return for all the kingdoms of the world.
I found each of the three above mentioned temptations quite striking and ironically got tempted to  provide my view points.

According to Dostoevsky, Jesus should have heeded to the three temptations for the sake of restoring the faith on god by the humanity. And here is why.

1. To make bread out of stones to relieve hunger would have made people form their basis of faith by bread rather than by words of God. Now who would want to have faith on the words of god when they cannot even get food to sustain themselves by following their faith blindly.

2. By refusing to perform miracles, Jesus has deprived people of the notion that miracles do exist and hence nowadays, people tend to become sceptic towards magic and miracles. 

3.  The third temptation was to have all the kingdoms of the world under his command. To have Jesus a control over the kingdoms and people would have made people rely more upon the whims of god and they in return would have worshipped him even more. But by refusing to take control of the world Jesus actually made people believe more in their free will and less on their Gods.

According to the Grand Inquisitor, the reason people are getting strayed from their religion  is because of not heeding to the words of Satan. Had Jesus performed the three temptations, the world and its people would have remained under the shelter of organised religion.

Now, what do you think? Is the Grand Inquisitor right in reprimanding Jesus? Do reply in the comments section down below.

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