Introvert? Are you?

You know you are an introvert
1. When someone gives you an invitation for a movie show and instead you get busy to find excuses of not entertaining them with your company
2. When you like playing solitary card games more than counter strike and DOTA
3. When fishing sounds more cool to you than trekking.
4. When remembering names of  new people  is more of a daunting task than memorizing a whole book by rote for exams
5. When you use a social networking site only to deactivate it after some time
6. When you get more enervated being around with a whole slew of people than with one or two
7. When you feel more invigorated to face the world after being in solitude with yourself
8. When you get nervous and feel intimidated approaching a galore of people
9. When all you want to do is to read your favourite novel or watch your favourite tv show or movie lying on your cosy bed instead of running around with friends
10. When you don't feel like making small talks even with your best friend and prefer his/her company in quiescence.
11. When you have a choice between loneliness and companionship and yet choose solitariness
12. When you are not the first one to start up a conversation with a stranger.
13. When you listen more than you talk not necessarily because you are a good listener but definitely because you are the worst chatter
14. When you hesitate to take the lead not necessarily because of lack of self confidence but definitely because you don't care for it.
15. When people say you are shy while all the time you to contravene them with the synonym introvert, yet miserably fail  to do so.


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