Mr. Prejudice and Miss Menstruation

Let me introduce to the readers the protagonist of this short story -mister prejudice.

With the face of a moron he represents the epitome of contemptuousness against everything which doesn't fall under his pseudo expert superfluous knowledge.

Meet miss menstruation. She is the lady who literally bleeds every lunar cycle in the helplessness of not giving birth to her progeny. And even if she stops bleeding for the reasons related to child birth she suffers the pain of carrying her child for the rest of the 9 lunar cycles. She is subservient, humble, non judgemental reserved and lacks self confidence of facing the ever hypocritical, much hated, highly boisterous mister prejudice.

Our infamous mister prejudice has the audacity to use miss menstruation for his own need ,whatever be that may, has the aptness of accepting the child, if only he is a boy, who was brought in his world getting nurtured by the very same blood which our lady of the story bleeds every single month and yet he outcasts her for the few days of her bleeding, makes her untouchable which almost commensurates with the outcasting of the shudras which again is the work of our infamous mister prejudice.

Miss menstruation still loves our protagonist in spite of his nonchalant behaviour towards her.

But does she need him in her life? Why can't she stand up against his abusive rants,tantrums and immature behaviour? Does it mean that she lacks the will to fight for her respect. Or perhaps she is already exhausted to her last breadth fighting for the same because the society is full of such mongering prejudiced homo sapiens.


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