Death of the Dusk

Death of the Dusk

The dusk of this day
So swiftly it goes to oblivion
Lost and never found
The dusk of this day

I thought
Its just the beginning to an end
Hence I wrote
A song that can end the end
But the dusk
The lost and the never found
Never gave a chance to befriend
I was a fool
to write a song that meets the end
cause the dusk
It cuts the wings of my songs
Wraps my emotions
and throws that out of the window

The past if you remember
when we planned our lives and were the dreamer
we thought we will be the king and queen
why then now
you changed?
why then now
the dusk of this day went to oblivion

The window when once opened
The rays of light did dawn
Now all that I see
Is darkness at its pitch!

Why did you take away the light
why did you take away the dawn
And I thought
Its just a beginning to an end
But now find awry
The end of a tale, a fairy

The story I thought would have ended happily
If you had given me the wings to my story
What now to say
when you have cut those wings away
Now you blame me as a loser
But cant you see it was the other way
you will realise no sooner
But then my dear it would get too late

your fate
you believe that more than me
when its all you who led me to insolvency

But dont worry
I consider you the death of my dusk
For I have found the wings to my song
I still want you to be my queen
But dont think that without you
I cannot complete my story

You can take the dusk of this day away
and keep it in oblivion
But my wings will take me to dawn
I, my dear
will wait for you forever
But never ever
will i look at the dusk of this day
To me

Its the death of the dusk, pray!


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