Enough is not enough

# Enough is not enough

I was a seventeen years old
when I met you
you were shy 
I was bold
Gold! were those times
when I didn't have to rhyme
to put meaning to my poem

I look back to the time
when you were what you were
no pretension
out of deception
although, now, you are not the same 
as aforementioned.

You used to say
you would never leave me
no matter what
You know what, I was a fool
to set you up as my soul
cause now when you say
you have had enough
my soul cries with your every insolence
add your silent monstrous, capricious violence

my silence
I am not afraid of silence
I am just afraid of the silence of my silence
Are you still listening
to what I say and mean
be patient, I have lots to say and catch on!
I wont be silent
hold on. 
let me grab the pen and paper
Okay now! Time to scribble you down.

You live in an alternate reality
the gravity, your nicety
those bubbles I am gonna burst now
Can you say now
That you truly loved me
when I was your only option
no solution, just a notion
No guys to fall behind me
why not pick him, told your emotions

I loved you to my core
believe me you wh...!
Now when you have guys taking a queue
You give me adieu
Huff, Hummbug
And you say enough is enough

No, not enough for me
like the singer of the Script
I will wait for you 
at the corner of the streets

Roam around with those in that line
I am fine
When you whine to them
you compared, got scared
thinking how dare
that you loved a loser
That's so unfair

Oh common! I was in depression you bi...
My wounds, you hurt, can it be stitched?
You called me a loser?
Yes I am, losing my heart to you
You can have your fun with the rich
and I will be waiting for you
at the corner of the streets

with a knife, I have sharpened it today
either I see you come to me
Or I see that you never get me
Oh yes I am optimistic
That one day you would need me
But when the cold eyes atop my blue puffed face you'd see
Oh dear you would mourn over me

No the singer of the script
I cannot be like him
My world is empty unlike him
your whims
I am ready to accept
but come back to me on your own
And the knife won't pierce my chest
And I wont feel the pain, ever known.


  1. Man, that was nothing but lava flowing out of your pen! I hope the unfaithful and remorseless lover takes an about-turn and gets back to you!

    1. But it didn't come back and I have since then suffered a thousand deaths with an assortment of knives laced with good, bad and ugly painful memories.

  2. I think you are lost somewhere for a couple of years. From past just ginger it your future.

    1. I think a loss of something is a gain of something else, to balance the weights of past :) The future might actually be bright enough when I have seen the darkness in the past.


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