I have something to say

# Yes I have something to say

## do you know what?

okay here I go
remember the day ago
when you thought of taking a shot
Puff the huff and ruff the cuff
you shouted when you hit the pot
yes you moth of Icker
itch you moth of Icker
cant you see that you pretend

to be a saint
to be a trend

but inside you remain the same
you rust
what a fuss
that you make
when you sniff , snort and smoke the butt
 that you made.

Your shots burn your lungs
You smoke! lemme see how it deflates your lungs
Its a fad that would cost you high
The high times that you say
hope it never gets so dry, Pray!

You pothead
How can you not see the thread
that ties you with that shit
I'm afraid
That you one day might hit
The ground that's so sunken
I think you better be good drunken

okay here I end 
my rant
I don't do drugs
you don't know me, thugs!
puff the huff and ruff the cuff
that you shout
remember moth of Icker
 karma will expose your bluff!


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