I see blue when you see red

I see blue when you see red

I don't think I am wrong when I see blue
I guess I can say you worry too much
Yes trust me, its true!
 you got it wrong
for how long
can you think
that the world is not for you
and you don't belong

You cry over small matters
although you look pretty and that's another matter
but why my dear to cry over such trivials
They are, my dear, just expendables

Cant you see that you have lots in you
I have faith in you
You can go ahead.  miles ahead
but dont see the red
Yes my darling
don't see the red

You got it wrong baby
when you find others bitch
oh god!
why dont you understand
that people are different
It's their attitude and fortitude
that makes them different

You think those bitches conspire
I know you perspire
Thinking what might transpire
May be she might put your room to fire!

Oh dear!
You got it wrong
when you find others plotting a flame
You are wrong
cause you mean not a world to them

Get ahead of that
my papa said that
you should think of ideas and not the people
Take that advice, girl
cause he is a wise man, its true
as he sees everything in blue

so dont see red
come back
 and look the world from my eyes
I ain't promising you a kingdom
but try me
and perhaps you might see the blues
that you once found red


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