Living the Camusian life

My entire childhood went past my memories with the only question that still keeps on bugging me.

What is the meaning of my life? What does the existence of human beings mean? Is there any god who  is watching us or is there nothing or is there, to simply put, a null set, a void?

Coming back to the question " which author's book I like the most?" I would need to first write about why Albert Camus's The stranger is my favorite book.

So, it happens that I am a firm believer in the non existence of a supernatural entity who has a consciousness of its own and who has nothing better to do than to create destruction in the lives of the human beings, which he created as the superior beings, and who at the same time asks bribe from the despondent people in terms of prayers and offerings.

Hence the answers to my questions left unanswered by the religion and their gods. I started to feel that this life is completely meaningless and my existence is of no concern to the universe- that is, whether I live or die, whether I laugh or cry, whether I fight or flight, this universe doesn't give a damn! Would it not be, then, meaningful to just end your life when the end of your life is meaningless to begin with?

My conundrums were finally answered by Albert Camus, a french author, who embraces the absurdity in life through a wonderful short story of a guy who feels the same uncertainty and meaninglessness like me. The book answers in its own subtle way, why meaninglessness is a thing to cherish and not a thing to be despondent about; why living and dying are meaningless and yet living outweighs more than dying because of our natural survival instinct.

So the human beings of this world, I officially declare The stranger by Albert Camus as my favorite book and the Author's Camusian way of living is what rocks my boat.


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