The voices

The voices

I can hear their voices 
inside my mind
so ugly, so full of heinous choices
Can you help me find my mind
cause I am blind
And I can hear their voices inside my mind

Sometimes when I just sit in silence
They come in numbers with ferocious violence
Those monsters, they crawl my skin
Asking me how I have been
When I tell them "I feel so confined"
They laugh at me when I, yes, I do whine
I find seven voices in my quarantine
Oh! They are everywhere
And I can hear their voice in my mind

Sometimes I get so lonely
And mind you, I feel that frequently
I have this thought of killing someone brutally
may be killing my cat would suffice
But the blood dries in my mind
And  I still feel blind
Can you now help me find my mind?

I read once to not to commit any sins
specially the seven sins
And I held them up my sleeves
Tightened their necks with pins
so pierced were they pinned
they started crying for their release
Oh I enjoyed their cry
Their temptations
The girls, the foods, the money and the fame
I pinned them more when I saw that game
They cried "shame!"
How can you not play that game
Let me come out and I will spark that flame

The pin that I pinned
made my skin thin skinned
some had to let loose
But they  preferred to choose
my mind over cheap booze
Chagrined! when they crawl inside my skin
Oh god! help me! I can't fix that pin

This power that i feel
I still try to hold that thrill
But how longer can I hold it down
Can you say You never liked
wearing that devil's crown?

And I think when I sit in silence
I won't be a prisoner of their devices
Twenty one guns! It would be nice
three for each of them
And I would put an end to the rolling dice


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