Beethoven and an orange!

Beethoven and an orange!

Let me introduce to a friend of mine
Alex Delarge is his name
why not listen to  his story in his words
and see how he got his fame
So, passing on the pen to pen his chords
Hence the rest is written under his infamous name

I do not find any reason
why I got into the prison
I loved the game
To rape and murder for a change
They effing turned me into a clockwork orange

That started when I stole a car
The writer, his door was left ajar
crept in, beaten and raped his wife
ah! a pleasure one can't quantify in life

Beethoven it is which never got bordered to treason
For no fault of mine, was sent to 14 years of prison
Desperate for an early release
volunteered for some crazy therapies

Drugged, strapped, eye lid popped and opens
Hovered around me were images of violence
They cunningly made me listen to all the Beethoven's
A crime they did by mixing Music and violence

I was released a homeless, a jobless but 
a mind full of musical non violence
I was beaten on the streets by those friends
Helpless I  sheltered under the writer's den

The moth of icker!
He locked me
He drugged me
He made me listen to my favourite symphonies

A torture, unbearable!
A pain, excruciating!
A suicide, contemplated
A fall , attempted

broken bones, hospitalised
aversion to violence and sex, they generalised
Beethoven's Ninth, suddenly played in a stereo
Vivid images of sex and violence, befall

A relief! That they finally cured me after all!

(based on the novel A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess)


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