Blogging everyday : A miraculous treatment

My first ever post was written two years ago, at the time when I was worried about what next to do in my life in terms of career. Two years ago, I had left my construction job in Abu Dhabi after getting frustrated by looking at the relentless, unstoppable and raphsodical pace of work being done at that area. I found myself utterly lost in the myriad of pretentiousness, amidst people who worry nothing more than getting their dollar bills in time. I was not made for this job, I thought and thus without thinking any further I came back to my native place, Assam.

However, the frustration didn't stop here. With no job in my hand and no clue of  what to do, I started reading books. Lots and lots of books!. I was not interested in reading them, but to not to read would have made me more depressed.

So, one day after finishing a book called "Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand I tried my hand at writing. My first ever post was "Theory of randomness". I was not at all satisfied with my writing as it didn't come naturally to me and hence after posting a few more posts I decided to forego my forced desire to write!

But a strange thing happened! I started to love reading books. It became everything to me. My haven where I felt safe. A seclusion which I cherished to the core. A space, which was just made for me and cannot be shared with anyone, is what I started believing.

However, my seclusion from the people led me to a state which now I call as "the nihilistic state". I started believing that reality is meaningless. It is just meaningless. No matter what I do, I just cannot find out the meaning of my existence. So absurd is the world and its people, I believed! Alas.

Fast forward to the present.A month ago, I happened to find this place called Indiblogger. I was surprised at the enthusiasm with which people post articles and poems and trivias. And this inspired me to try my hand again at writing.

A surprise!! The writing came to me so easily, so lucidly. The feeling! When you do not have to worry about your grammar and vocab, when you can write whatever that comes to your mind without any restrictions and constraints. A true freedom!!

Yes, I am fine now. I am happy now. And the only way I remain happy is by writing and reading. As for my career, guess what? I am now a researcher in a technical institute. My job allows me to keep on writing. I write journal papers, literature survey, Matlab and C codes and what not. Life has taken a drastic, but a happy, turn and I am happy to dance to the tune of my new found love. WRITING.

A day ago, a blogger, whom I respect very much had written his views regarding blogging. I agree with him. Blogging is so similar to barking, like a dog. Everybody can hear you but rarely would you find a person who can listen to you.

Yes. I love blogging. I love barking. I love writing.

P.S: Life, to me, is still meaningless. But I can put meaning to it by writing. I hope one day I get to know the true purpose of my existence. Being optimistic :)

Thanks for listening to my barks. Have a great day.


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    1. I hope you do recognize the blogger I talked about a year ago in this post. It was you and since then your blogs have been an integral part of my daily ritual of reading.

      For some people reading and sometimes writing becomes more than a therapy. It becomes an escape from the self only to get aware of the self.

  2. Good to know how your journey started here, i always loved to read your posts specially those which covers the mathematics.
    i am still a newbie in this field so i cant make any comment about how much good or bad your writings are but i always loved those and thats enough for me.
    Writing is really a very tough job and the truth job is easy actually but there is a different kind of pleasure to feel when you can express your thoughts and views through your writing....and your satisfied.

    you were absent for long time and i really missed your posts a lot.

  3. Thanks Jyotirmoy for such a generous comment. I am glad that indiblogger has given me a circle of wonderful bloggers with whom I can take this journey called life.


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