Opened my eyes in the morning
A feeling of happiness overshadows my mourning
But I held that bitch to her neck
Decided to break it in a sec
For I am a cherophobic
And I am afraid of that bitch

Not great is happening to my life
Sadness, darkness, filth and vaccum
Still that bitch,once in a while
she comes 
shows her charming smile
 and tries to play the trump

Believe me that I do want to caress her
But am afraid of losing her
A betrayer is she
whimsical is she
capricious is she
Comes and goes
leaving me dry and high for more

An aversion to her is what i have
permanence over transience
sadness over happiness
A gloomy cloud over a sunny day
Does it make any sense?

sometimes she whispers a melody
a melody with rhymes better than mine
a surge of endorphin that comes suddenly
but I turn off the radio in my head
and I leave her high and dry,a bilateral trade!

a revenge that i seek
want to make her weak
Will stay inside my despondency
Will keep on loving the depressed me
but will never allow her to step in, a defence!
never would she uplift me in her heat of transience
cause I am a cherophobic
And I have an aversion to her presence. 


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