Contact : A review

Do we, holding that god exists, decieve ourselves with insubstantial dreams and lies, while random careless chance and change alone control the world?

What happens when an alien civilisation tries to contact us? What would be their means and language of communication? How would they envisage to meet us? What would be the impact of contact with alien civilisation on the organised religions?

Finally I have found a novel which deals with god and science with a take no prisoner attitude.

The existence of an extraterrestrial life is one of those scientific hypothesis which if proven would definitely contradict many of the mainstream organised religions.

Evolution is a stochastic process.There are just too many possibilities to make predictions about life elsewhere might be like.

So here are the things which I really liked in the novel Contact by the space genius Carl Sagan..

1.God would be a mathematician: Isn't it obvious. There is an apparent symmetry in nature, have you ever observed the fibonacci series in flower petals?. Look at the gravitational law and its close similarities with Coulomb's law of  electric charges. Look at the similarities between magnetic field and electric field. Look at the similarities between humans and other mammals.

Its been said that the existence of an earth in our solar system is so improbable that either the creation of earth is because of a random event, which would somehow create the right temperature, the right carbons and nitrogens, the right hydrogens and oxygens and what not, or it can be said that the god who has created this is a mathematician.

2. Aliens as our god: The aliens, in the novel,  communicated with the earthlings by the use of a language called mathematics. They transmitted an entire series of mathematical numbers through their radio signals which when decoded were found to be a proper detailed manual on building a machine.

                                        In the later part it was seen that those aliens have the technologies to engineer and construct an entire galaxy all full of life generating suns and planets!
                                      If what's written on the novel were to be true, then would it not as well be true that we, human beings, can consider those aliens as our god? The omnipresent and the omnipotent, who can , forget about life, create an entire galaxy!

3.Sometimes it is within us where the answer lies:  Our world is changing, technologically, faster than we adopting those new technologies. There is a constant, aggressive rush towards finding out the next big thing. But are we not overlooking simpler things which ought to be understood before mindlessly venturing onto the next step?

How far do we now the value of pi? Can we say for sure that the values in pi do not occur in a sequence in the latter part? What if there is a message encrypted within the numbers of pi? Can we say for sure that there ain't any cryptic messages left by our gods, so that we , after generations of evolution, find out the reasons of our existence?

We should look within us for those answers. We do not have to rush towards commercialism under the pretext of science and technology to get those answers.

Usually there would be a few "What I didn't like in this novel" in almost all the reads that I have had, but this one novel (perhaps I am biased) lacks those criticisms.


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