Dear A, with love Zed

Dear A,

I snorted a flower one day                    
thought it made me an amputee
A coward's adoptee
How can you understand, a bourgeoisie
 You have never taken a poppy
never fallen into a trap and felt deaf

I never wanted to be a devotee
never aspired to find a poppy worth my match
Wanted to be happy, you and I
But this flower, It made me follow a blind alley
And then I thought the darkness to be the color of my day

Does it ring any bell?
Drowning in a sea of poppies that I am
So long but will see you soon, amen
In the inferno's hell, down below
Oh! you think I can be an escapee
when the likes of me are waiting in que

 I am what I am because of what you are
An addict of the poppy more than you, guess?
Do you think you are not as well a coward's adoptee?
Karma, my dear, it can any time sue you
and make you and me free

Say for the last time adieu
I am waiting for you with a knife..oops an axe!
To kill you and snatch your fortune, I might try!
come to your home sweety, waiting with a white bread

with love
Your's Zed!


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