Moksha and Parallel universe- A hypothesis

Moksha and Parallel universe- A hypothesis

Buddhism is the closest atheistic religion that I have ever come across, although there could be still many which follows atheism (Jainism?). The core philosophy of Buddhism is not its sitting meditation, not its mystic chants and not even living an austere life but following each and every second of one’s life in the present moment.
Yes, you are right. It is as simple as that. Just live your life in the present moment and according to Buddha you might get nirvana! But how? But why? And what the hell is that nirvana? All I would want to have is a peace of mind and not attain a hypothetical state called Nirvana, although the name sounds too cool! (My favorite band is Nirvana to begin with!).

I think myself as a rational, a reasonable and a logical being. One reason of believing in Buddha and his doctrines is his nonchalant way of evading the question of god. As if to him it doesn’t matter! Just follow the damn- live in the present moment- principle and you will never want any fictitious omnipresent being called god.
But why then Buddha who doesn’t need god to propagate his way of living suddenly devised an even better bait to garner followers. The bait is called- Follow my philosophy and you will never ever have to take birth as a human and never ever will you have to suffer this cruel world called earth-.

Indeed it was a clever trick. People in general do believe in Karma and repercussions and when a saint suddenly comes to them and confirms that you would need to change your karma so that you can easily attain nirvana people tend to easily believe in that saint.

However for once I will take a chance of not believing the notion that Buddha was a con-man who for his weird narcissism  invented fairy tales of past lives and reincarnations to promulgate his believes.

A week ago I happened to find a journal paper on parallel universe and mind you this paper comes from a reputed science journal called SPRINGER. The paper through its own way of arguments presented the probable fact that we live amidst a number of parallel universes. I mean while you are reading this post, the  same you, in another universe, might be sipping a hot cup of coffee staring the rainy day outside of your window.

So how does this journal paper relate to Buddhism and nirvana or moksha? Now this is the paragraph where I will have to ask you to allow this humble writer to postulate his own hypothesis (which can be as absurd as possible until proved wrong!).

So I think that it is our desires and unfulfilled wishes which create different universes. I wanted to be musician when I was young. I could have become a musician had I chosen the right option at the right time. So, can I say in some other parallel universe I have become a popular musician? Perhaps no. But since it is a hypothesis I will say YES.

Now, Buddha asked us to live in the present. I will ask everyone of you to try this for a minute. Just live in the present moment. Whatever you are doing just do ONLY that and nothing. Reading this post? Try to do just that. Immerse yourself in the present moment. 

The more we stay in the present the more we stop worrying about the future and stop repenting over our past. We become one with the nature.

And that’s when we end our desires, our choices and in the process STOP creating parallel universes . If what Buddha says is true, then we should be able to end all the parallel universes of our own and attend moksha! The freedom from living the same life in different worlds that is moksha to me
This hypothesis can well end the fantasy that Buddha had of past lives and reincarnation. Or perhaps the reincarnation and past lives he was talking about, comes from his parallel universes.

Feel free to leave your thoughts. Thank you for the read.


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