Mr. Nobody

My name is nobody
Nemo nobody
Ever heard about me?

I know probably you wouldn't have
The immortality that you have 
I am the era before that
where people laughed,lolled and loved
where people went angry 
where people fought 
where people reconciled and vowed

Yes I am the only man who is mortal
but for how long?
So you keep me alive
so that I can tell you what was to live in a mortal life

okay so here I go
It was fun to be in a mortality
to be in love with Anna
my love of life
all got fucked up in the alternate reality

For in one  world I refused to swim with her
Wherease in the other I did swim, I infer
For in one world I lived with my mother
and her lover was your father
whereas in the other I was with my crippled pa
And married a girl, got rich and never looked back
I am not sure which one is true
which one is my reality and which askew

but do I care?
what difference would it make to me
I am a mortal
 And I will die
And soon all the worlds that I have in my mind
Would collapse and vanish in thin air

So where was I
yes It was fun
When mortality made us enjoy small moments
and when you din't have those moments
you could always have a peek at the other worlds
You can live in your fantasy if your reality beecomes a null set
when mortality makes you afraid of your life
when all you want to do is to stay with your anna
to give your loved ones a ride on a long drive
when mortality makes you realise your limit
and yet somewhere you hope to become limitless
yes I am from that era

And Yes, I want to die a mortal

So to the people of this world
Hold the mouse and click Yes to give me a death
A death of a mortal
A death of a nobody
Nemo Nobody.


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