Plato's cave, religion and atheism

Look at the image below. What do you observe?

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There are various people preferring various karma to lead their lives. Some are happy sitting in a corner and watching shadows for reality. Some are happy deceiving those people who prefer shadows over reality. Some try to venture out from the game of decption to face the reality. Some have a hard time facing the reality. The reality, for  some is so bright that they prefer to close their eyes to remain in their comfort zone of ignorance whereas there are some who embrace the reality, although bright, although harsh, although uncomfortable and if you look at the sun directly you will find some who break away from the prison of ignorance and are happy sitting under the bright light and watch reality for shadows!

The image above is a work of the famous philosopher Plato who wanted to show the innate nature of human beings to lead a life of knowledge. When that nature is suppressed by deception, all that they can see are just the mere shadows of reality, just the mere rays of light obsttucted by ignorance.

However being an atheist I see something else as well. The people are deceived by the religious leaders and godmen. They are kept hidden under the pit of darkness.

Break that bondage. Why believe in others? Why to believe in the shadows of reality? Can't you go ahead and see the reality? Can't you see the sun so full of brightness, so full of light?

Sometimes it just takes one step at a time to get towards the finale of reality. I prefer to believe in the truth and the truth CANNOT be found out without leaving the warm comfort of religious believes and doctrines.

Do comment on what you see in the picture. Thanks for reading.


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