Take a stand, sir

Take a stand, Sir!

Think of the country sir
Incapable, Immature and Irrelevant
Sit in the parliament and whine your rants

Forget about the country sir
What have you done to your place?
Jobless and hopeless, our people

Yet you think of empowering!
Yes empowering the corrupt!
The likes of you and your brother in law
Loot the country and fly back to Rome

Do you think it is that easy
easy peasy japaneese
to take our riches?
to fool our people?

stand on your own, boss
or make a toss
and watch Tom and Jerry in cartoon networks

Yes I agree
It aint a fault of yours
A mother's love
She wants to see you rule

But a mother's love!
Can it not be blind?
For all that I know
She can tell you to be the next prime

Oh! trust me it would be a crime
You ,when, become a prime
Remember the Delhi
Remember the past
Where your pa said
Earth will quack when a big tree falls
Was it not a crime to incite a riot
Oh! wait! And you thought it's just an internet troll

Do a favour to the mass
Take a leave from this class
Ask your ma if required
She might suggest you otherwise, alas!
But stand on your own, boss
or else make a toss
and watch Tom and Jerry in cartoon networks.


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