The mind and The movies.

There are movies and then there are good movies. I do not watch movies nowadays. But there was a period in my hostel life where I was gheraoed by people who watch movies and I had an exposure to some of the best movies I have ever seen in my lifetime. Here I am adding only the three best movies from the lot which I think have influenced my thinking.

Mr. Nobody: As long as one doesn't choose, anything is possible. But once the choice is made, one has to  close the other option forever. Or is it? Can there be parallel universes made of choices we didn't choose?

This is one of those few movies, you would have hard time understanding until the end. The movie asks several questions regarding morality, mortality, choices, compromises, love and destiny.

If you love Butterfly effects, you would definitely love this movie.

The Seventh Seal: A swedish movie directed by Ingmar Bergman shows a conversation between the protagonist, who is an atheist, and the god of death who has come to take his life.

Ingmar Bergman is a director whose movies do not cater to a large audience. His movies are sometimes more difficult than a complex novel and deals with complex human emotions and directly asks questions on religion, god and ethics which very few directors try to endeavour.

This is a movie worth watching. Don't you want to find out how the protagonist forestalls his death? [hint: a game of chess!] 

Siddhartha: This is, to my surprise, an american movie directed by Conrad Rooks and played by Sashi Kapoor. This movie is based on the novel which goes by the same name authored by Hermann Hesse.

I love reading Hermann Hesse's novels. If you got any time try reading The Narcissus and The Goldmund.

No, this movie is not about Siddhartha, the Buddha, although the story is kind of similar. The protagonist is born into an affluent family but his search for a meaning to his life leads him to experience different aspects of human relations. Right from sensual pleasures to aestheticism, he has had it all by the end and then realises that the real meaning to life can be achieved through personal experiences one goes through in this world.

If you think only meditation and aestheticism  can lead one to nirvana, you should watch this movie to get a different view.

It's been ages since I have seen these movies. I might have forgotten the exact plot. But the fact that I remember the philosophies behind these movies gives me the assurance that they have somehow influenced me.

It is said that we are what we are not because of what we are but because of what we see, what we read and what we think. Looking forward to your comments.

P.S Please ignore the grammatical mistakes. It happens a lot and would be corrected if observed or notified.

Thanks for reading :)


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