The story of a dot- flatland novel

This morning while I was holding a pen and placing a big dot, absentmindedly, on a piece of paper I happened to remember the story of the novel Flatland. And I pondered if we all become a dot, what will happen to our world? Feeling out of context? Okay so below is a description of what it feels like to be in a flatland.

Flatland is the novel authored by Edwin Abott; a world of 2 dimension. Yes, the creatures on that land do not possess the third dimension, that is the height, which gives an object its depth. And if, like in novel, a third dimensional object is placed before them they will perceive it as a 2d object.

So, the protagonist of this novel is a square, just a simple square. And without giving away any spoilers I can say that an alien sphere from the third dimension comes suddenly in front of him. Perplexed got he, by the presence of a changing straight line ( because to a flatlander everything that he comprehends is in various shades of straight lines! and the moving sphere to the square seems to be a changing straight  line. )

When the sphere tells him that there is an other dimension higher than his, he felt helpless in understanding the concept. So the sphere takes him in a journey where he meets one dimensional object in the one dimensional world.

Well, that was okay to the square and he was able to get a sense of what one dimension means. The sphere then took him to the null dimension. Yes! the world of a DOT.  The dot was talking to himself. He seemed to be the king of his lonely world, thought the square.

"Do you know that you have a world outside of yours where there are lines, triangles, squares and circles?" the square asked him mockingly.

" Oh! wow! Now my mind is playing this new game with me" he shouted " let him play, I have this kingdom to rule!".

To the dot, he cannot comprehend anything other than his presence. If he dies his entire universe will cease to exist, according to him. He is a true solipsist to say the least. Does it ring any bell?

We, in our own way, are solipsist to some extent. What we say, what we see and what we think are centered towards just one person, us.

What will happen to you if I die
This office cannot work properly even for one day without me
Oh! If I do not do this dear, everything will be destroyed!!

But why? Are we the dot that we never wanted? Ignorance is bliss, to a dot! Are we knowingly living in that ignorant bliss? Why can't we wear someone's shoes and see the world though his eyes?

At least I for one do not want to remain a dot for the rest of my life and rule a world of ignorance. What about you?


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