The wrinkles on my face

The wrinkles on my face
Traced by the mirror on the wall
The wall full of smoke
I fear it may fall tumbling down

The wrinkles on my face
each one formed for each path I took
the criss cross the meshed and the grid
for all the roads I wish I had taken

The wrinkles on my face
They ask me what if?
So despondent I feel
I cannot look at the face of the mirror

I wish I could see the mirror as a mirror
Why do I see myself, a loser!
But sometimes when the smoke forms another wall
The mirror does play hide and seek

The wrinkles on my face
so quickly have they shown themselves
when I thought I had the time to do mistakes
when I though I could still be the man of my dreams

But the wrinkles on my face
They tell me the creases I made
with each passing mistake
with each passing day

I am gonna end this wrinkles on my face
A plaster is all that I would need
to paint my face and hide my failures
I hope you understand me

Cause a wrinkle to you is not a wrinkle to me
And neither a plaster to you is a plaster to me
You can never tell the difference

But look closer and you will still see the borderline troughs on my painted face


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