Two of a Kind by Pranju Chakrapani

Dear readers,

I have been searching for a great space where I can pour out my musings without having to worry about the theme of my blog. Sometimes I tend not to write off topic articles and short stories on my blog as it, apparently, diverts from the title.

And my search ended today when I found this wonderful website,, where guest authors are always welcomed.

So to quench my thirst of writing off topic but interesting articles, I have written the  first chapter of my short poetic story series, Two of a kind.

Poetic stories are written like any other story format, the sentences being linearly arranged to form bunch of paragraphs. However, since it is a poetic story, can there be lines without rhymes and rhetorics?

So presenting to the readers my first attempt at writing poetic stories.

Here is the excerpt : A stroll I was taking. A thought I was thinking. Suddenly an eye got blinking. And it got me thinking. The boy that passed by me. My mind made a ringing. I have seen him before. A fear rushed from my core. A dress similar to mine that he wore. A walk like me, a perfect score. My mouth felt a little sore. okay. better call this guy, a thought I couldn't ignore.

 Who is this guy, the protagonist is worried about?
To find out please visit : Two of a kind.

More chapters are expected to come.

Happy reading :) 


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