A case against zero, infinity and God

During my high school we had a mathematics teacher. He used to come to our class with his typical criss crossed creased shirt, all dusted with chalk powder laced uptill his bald rotund head. He would then start solving some complex mathematical problem, would remain silent for most of the time but on certain times would shout on top of his voice " And the answer is zero. And zero is God !"

I never had any courage asking him what he actually meant. Of course now, when I have to deal with some not so complex mathematics during my not so interesting research and come upon with some not so random zeros and infinities, some of my clogged gray cells would trigger his memory and a voice would rise within me exclaiming with certainty that that bald mathematics teacher was an atheist for sure.

For zero is a representation of nothingness. How can we represent nothingness as something? We invent zero and God. But what about infinity then?

Mathematically infinity in its simplest form is represented as 1/0 (A zero dividing 1).

Isn't it absurd and meaningless? I mean 1/1=1 ; 1/0.1=10; 1/0.01=100 ... 1/0.0001=10000 and so on till we reach a denominator which tends to become zero (limit tends to zero). So what's the absurd thing about it? What's the fuss?

The fuss is how meaningless it is to divide any number by zero. How can one split anything by nothing? And hence I have come to the conclusion that even infinity is God.

To a theist, it is a solace! because he can then say that God is infinity! He is the totality. He is the whole of existence. But to me it is just 1/0. Non existent, absurd and meaningless.

So how do you relate your beliefs with zeros and infinities? Do comment and thanks for reading :)


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