A hero falls, A hero rises

[the hero falls]

Better lie on the ground
It's a battle you can't win
Don't push yourself another round
It's a failure written on your skin

Why push yourself for more
It's your obstinance which needs a break
why head on with your failures you abhor
It's your muted mind and matter that would ache

[but the hero rises]

Have you seen this scar
though broken I am like the strings of guitar
Still have a breath to breathe, within so far
Made of iron, that you,obviously, not are

bring on the failures, I have raised the bar
unafraid of my offbeat write-offs, for I am a rockstar
Will sing a song at my every defeat, I am a czar
will walk a talk on this sojourn for I am a jaguar

Head still held high, not traped in a bell jar
Still have a breath to breathe, within me so far
still have a beacon of hope, catching my radar
come once again my defeats, success is not so far.


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