A propensity of eating snakes! yuck!!

I am a big fan of Bear Grylls. When I was at an impressionable age, I used to fantasize being like him, all lost in the wilderness amidst dangerous animals just with a sharp knife as my only weapon. I would then make a tree house, start a fire and when I get hungry I would kill one of those dangerous animals to have a protien rich food.

But in the process, I started having this weird fantasy of eating beautiful but poisonous snakes. Yes! You read it right. Eating snakes was what used to come to my mind when I thought of the anecdotes of my only hero.

I have grown a bit old now, but that feeling still remains etched to a corner of my mind. Welcome to my darker side :)

No, I haven't tried it and perhaps will never try it in my full consciousness. But that is not the issue. The issue is watching too much of Bear Grylls is dangerous to the likes of me who easily become impressionable by the heroic acts of that crazy man.

If you are a parent who has got a kid who instead of watching Cartoon networks watches Man vs. Wild, then I would suggest you to have chat with him/her and tell that young kid that killing animals is not at all fun. They have a right to live like us and even though some are dangerous, they should be left on their own and should never ever ever ever become an obnoxious food on our plates.

Thanks for reading and happy parenting :)


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