Forever will I love

Forever will I love

Hold on 
It's going to be long
Gonna pour out a song
Okay here I go..

I was in school when I met you
so innocent, an angel suddenly out of the blue
Felt dumb, my heart left a cry and a hue
Felt numb, when you came towards me
with a smiling face, pink suit and shining shoes
Do you know which way the class is, 
oh this way.. wait wait no this way, was so confused
you looked at me with a smile, that innocent smile
oh dear what wouldn't I have given to walk a mile

And so I realised that you were in my class
A back bencher that I was
Used to see you from the corner of my eyes
Your cute little things that you would do
chew the pen and make a pout when with a doubt
She is the girl, my heart used to shout
when you caught my eyes, a pink blush
those were the days, a life full of lush, a rush

somehow days later
days and days later
I got your phone number
Still remember our teenage
When I gave you a missed call
not one but hundreds till you sent a message
who are you?
And I said my name ends with you,
of course with you, but also with the letter 'u'

Somehow days later
days and days later
I told you I love you
and you smiled, that sweet innocent smile
And you uttered
No, wait, you muttered
that the same feeling stirs in your heart

oh sweet love, my dear
Now it's been nine years
Yes I do have fears
to lose you in my negligence
But my dear, in my absence
Do you feel my presence?
Yes I am with you in all of my essence

each day with you
and so those nine years 
each day with you
and so those memories, my dear
each day with you
and have no fear
cause I will always be for you
look here, look there
look everywhere
and you will find me dear
and I promise you 
I will be there for you forever.
Come hell, misfortune and pain
I will say that once again
That I love you
And my name ends with you.


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