God's will vs. Free will

Here is a scene. The girl in our play is Akansha who is a medical aspirant. And then comes the result and then comes the gloominess. She has a firm belief in destiny. And the destiny can only be changed by the god's will, is her motivation. Yes she knows that one has to work hard, like a bull and that person will have his fair share of success provided  she  follows the god's words to her last action. She did everything right. Studied 10 hours a day, prayed 30 minutes a day, took days of fast, listened to bhakti songs,  prayed another 30 minutes before going to bed. But this gloominess over her face means she is fighting her inner battle. She is having trouble dealing with the fact that god has betrayed her. She did everything right and yet she couldn't crack that exam. Do you know how it feels to have one's faith shattered? It feels like dying, feels like suffocating, feels like claustrophobic.

Definitely she did something wrong. She should have studied 12 hours a day, should have kept fast for more than 10 days a month, should have prayed 2 hours a day. Oh wait! if she can study for 12 hours a day, she should devote the other 12 hours to God. Ah! No. Can you avoid god during your studies? It would be a blasphemy. It's written in the holy book how forgetting one's god even for a second is a sin. So she decided to devote 24 hours to god and somehow would try to study amidst her pray.

Thus enters her uncle. A professor of Physics in a university. His interest in physics came early when he discovered the magic behind magnets. To an ignorant person, the magnets would have been a miracle of god. Only god can perform such miracles, he has an invisible hand. But that is so sad, cause I have discovered the science behind it and if I can explain this, I can explain all the phenonmenons. I can give answers to all the questions which have been given by the priests and tantriks till now.Thought he.

Uncle: Why are you crying, Beta. So what if you didn't fair enough this time. If medical is what interests you then learn from your mistakes and start preparing again. Be a braveheart my child.

Akansha: I have learned my mistake. I didn't submit my time to god and he has punished me so. My god fulfils my dreams. You know, there is a formula to it. There is a time dependent variable called success which is proportional to the number of hours you pray to God. I used to pray just 1 hour a day and look at my result. It is not that bad, just I haven't gotten a good rank. Just think of my success if I start praying 24 hours a day!

Uncle: Oh! Well that's a good theory to assuage your mind and overcome the apparent disappointment. It is certainly uplifting as well. I have a similar theory. Care to listen?

Akansha: Now uncle! Why wouldn't I listen. A similar theory? Do tell me.

Uncle: cough, cough! Ok so what I am proposing is simple. I am not asking you to stop believing in God but asking you to believe in the principle of causality.

Akansha: What's causality?

Uncle: It is in brief cause and effect. As you sow so shall you reap. So you think you can sow seeds of faith in god and you will reap a good result in your medical exam.

Akansha: hmm

Uncle: hmm.


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