Miss bookmark and Mr. book: a prologue to a love story

Chapter 1:

Wow! look at me. All pink and glossy. Ah! my wonderful curves, all in proper places. And... And wait a minute. Who is this dork of a book by my side? Look at his ugly leather cover. Yuck. And what the hell is this smell?. Dusky wooden old plagued. I wonder who will ever gonna read it. Huh!

OH NO! Wait. wait. Don't pick me up with this ugly book. Please! NO No no no....

"Here is your book with your favorite pink bookmark, ma'm. Have a good read"

Chapter 2:

"Hello mister! Would you be kind enough to tell me what is inside of you that has led you to get picked with a beauty like me"

"Ma'm. I have been listening to your yowls for the past half an hour. Let me tell you one thing. I am the last book of a famous love story. That smell that you have been complaining about is what makes me attractive. But it's my pages that have all the charms. No one has ever beaten a love story so profound like that of my insides."

"Is it so?  Will the lover die at the end? I hate such stories."

"No dear. It is not the only way a love story is written. It is a story of not humans.not animals.not birds and bees."

"Huh? Then?"

"I will tell you. It is a love story of a pen and a paper. I won't tell you the ending right away. But I will tell you the starting"

"oo!! suspense! Ya, go ahead tell me the starting"

"So once upon a time, a pen proud of her beauty started whining the moment she was picked up with the yellow page kept by her side........"

A moment's silence. And they both started laughing.

And thus began their love story.


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