Phantom and Wraith

There happens to be a sentence in english which speaks a volume about how magical and beautiful yet profound a sentence can become with some simple tweaks in grammar. And hence this poem is based on that very sentence:

"All the faith he had had had had no effect on the outcome of his life"

Phantom and Wraith

He and his faith
Like a phantom and a wraith

He and his faith
Led a life of simplicity and pain

He and his faith
Pray thee to the extent of being profane

He and his faith
Kept praying till bliss they attain

It's a Sad world
 A Mad world

For all the faith 
he had had 
had had
no effect on his
outcome of life

And thus he took out the knife
To end their miserable life

For he and his faith
Could never seek thou

And he and his faith
got washed in the biting snow*

Thus he and his faith
Like a phantom and a wraith 


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