A case for technology

Technology is destroying relationships. Genuine relationships are subsumed by Facebook and whatsapp.

The above prompt popped up in my IB account, another social networking site for bloggers. Look at the irony. The technology, specially the information and communication technologies lead us to make relationships, although virtual, in that website and atleast I do not advocate against technologies.

However genuineness in relationships is a question to ponder over. To blame subsumption of genuineness in relationships by the use of mere social networking sites is to assume the intactness of the genuineness without those sites. Now that is hard to accept.

How much genuine we want to make our relatonship depends on us. It depends on how much trust we put forward to the other person to display our emotions. And displaying emotions even in the physical realm cannot be treated as genuineness. I carry a fake smile when faced with people, who belong to the small set called relationship in the universe of my existence. I do not display my genuine emotions for I do not trust them with my views, my logic, my belief and my thoughts which sometimes tend to become farcical.

But I do consider them a part of my relationships. So how much genuine they are depends on me or those other human beings. 

Also, we are evolving. Whether the evolution is a negative one (for their can be negative evolution) or a positive one is a seperate debate. Technology is making us evolved. The human existence is attaining immortality. Yes, the pace is very slow but it is progressing. The flesh and bones would be a thing of past. It is the flesh and bones which perish. The physiscal presence would cease to exist. It is the physicality which hinders mobility. The only thing that would remain is our consciousness which never perishes.


Think of an alien civilisation! Think about those propositions put forward by Carl Sagan, Stainslaw Lem, Arthur C Clarke who believed in the evolution of species to a state of consciousness with no physicality.

Okay, I agree that it is just a hypothesis. But let us consider it as a fact for once. If lack of phisicality becomes the basis of our existence, the definition of a genuine relationship would also change accordingly. Perhaps in that state of evolution, virtual reality for those people would be the social networking sites which simulates a physical world and perhaps there would be people advocating against such technologies which are hampering their definition of a genuine relationship.

Think about it.


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