A curious case of a preacher

The following is loosely based on a youtube video.

Disclaimer: If you get offended by someone's point of view on your religion and go gaga over someone's fictional religion and prophets then I would suggest you to not to read.This is not for anyone but for me to calm my mind down. The use of some words in oblique is written not to offend anyone but to exaggerate a situation.
A curious case of a preacher

"Now, I would like to start our question and answer session " said Fakir Nail with a smile "And I would request my milsum brothers to give the first preference to our udnih brothers".

Fakir Nail is a famous milsumic preacher who is a doctor by profession. He, by his profession, can be asssumed to be a capable person to preach science and religion and by his impeccable memory on naruq the holy book, he is surely the crowd's favorite.

The mic was given to a bright young guy Tsiehta who happens to be waiting impatiently amidst the crowd of questioners. And so went their conversation.

Tsietha : Good evening sir, My name is Tsietha and I am an atheist. I firmly believe in the non existence of god. It is only you who seems to be able to answer why I should follow your religion instead.

Mr. Nail : May halla bless you for showing the half correct path. The fact that you choose to not follow the million gods of udnih does half of my job beforehand and now I have to persuade you to believe halla, Peace be upon him.

Brother, do you believe in science?

Tsietha : Yes. But it is not a belief, it is a fact.

Mr. Nail : Now that's a good take on it. Now tell me when did you think the Big bang theory was postulated?

Tsietha : umm

Mr. Nail : Don't worry, I will tell you. It was first mentioned in a poem called Eureka published by Mr. Poe in the year 1791. The scientists inspired by that thus postulated the theory of Big Bang.

But do you know that big bang theory is mentioned in our holy book which was orated by the allmighty to our beloved prophet in 610 A.D.  It's mentioned in [mentions some impressive chapter numbers, verse numbers, volume like a reference index of a scientific paper].

Tsietha : Yes, that's fair enough but what's your point?

Mr. Nail:  Not only that, I can prove you how 50 percent of what nuraq says matches with the scientific explanation. I won't go into the details but you can refer my videos on that.

So what I am saying is if 50 percent of  nuraq's verses is 100 percent true then I am willing to believe that the rest 50 percent, which the science has no answer for, is true as well.

Now will you accept our religion.

Tsietha : I will if you answer my last question.

The big bang theory is not a theory, it is a hypothesis. You being a man of science should very well know the difference. Don't give me your videos but I can send you thousands of research papers which disproves this very hypothesis.

If ever, it is proved that our Universe doesn't expand and is in the same state since its eternity the scientific community would happily leave the research topic, their hard worked research papers and books. They would never search those indices of references to validate their hypothesis.

My question is if such a hypothesis is proven wrong, can you control yourself and the likes of you from again searching some verses to validate the newly found scientific claim?

Can you?

Mr. Nail : Mister I have already given you sufficient time and would like to answer other's queries.


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