A dream undelivered

A dream undelivered

I was on the brink of extinction
I saw people living in their world of fiction
My random thoughts bound no restriction
Thoughts shared to friends found no recognition
the infliction of no recognition caused me affliction
Not to mention a family who held weird benedictions

For the eviction of affliction I found a place
those misplaced thoughts found a space
A hope of finding people going through this phase
A hope of finding people to harness
the absurd, farcical thoughts for solace

No, I do not want appreciation
they would create another world of fiction
No, I do not want benediction
they would dissuade my conviction
I want you to have contradiction
sometimes addition
and sometimes subtraction
I want you to share your opinions
with no constriction
for this space won't create any friction

Is that a dream that goes undelivered
A dream where my scream gets quivered
Perhaps it would be like a river
Viewers might be some, but no one would give her
the confers, infers and even some slurs
The unanswered farcical thoughts would remain forever
and ever defered!


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