A glass of paradigm

On his 10th birthday, Pradip's parents bought him a pair of glasses from a brand called Paradigm. Actually it is not a brand, but the brand. The only brand  in the world which manufatures such glasses.

Glass of paradigm
Pradip fell in love with his glasses of Paradigm. The Paradigm company had its own R&D team which constantly updates the societal norms in such glasses. Pradip learned to grow up by wearing those glasses. But then, whenever he failed to worship his god, he would have a pang of guilt. Whenever he raised his hands against a slap, a rush of bile surged his mouth, for he ought to have placed his other cheek instead. There was obviously something wrong with him or with his glasses.

Pradip took his glasses away to have a look at the world. Without his Paradigm, he found the world in its ugly state. He found out that there ain't an iota of values left in his world.

He couldn't find honesty, integrity, fairness in that world without his glasses of paradigm. He had a crystal clear but pragmatic sight in front of him. But the clarity was too much cluttered to make it any clearer than that of his worn out glasses of paradigm.

And so he held the glasses in his two hands, and with a zig zag bending and shifting of his two hands he wore his glasses back again. Just like thailaiva. A hero developed by the R&D team at the Paradigm research centre.


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