A place called Nashpur

Once upon a time, there existed a place called Nashpur, where there was an apparent wide gap between the two extremities, the rich and the poor. The rich were becoming more rich and the poor were becoming more poor. If you look closely, you will see two Nashpurs that were dwelling inside of it. One a posh the other a rag.

One day there happened to be a competition, the posters of which were displayed aggressively in all the streets and walls.

Want to help yourself get rich? Come and play "Help the poor" and win crores of Nasheers! was the banner barking out its advertisement.

Oh! I forgot to mention that Nasheer is the currency of that place. So silly of me.

And so through several scrutinies, which only the authorities knew, two players were selected.  Of course both were poor, John and Nash. Sometimes patriotism makes people choose names like Nash and can anyone blame someone's patriotism?

Thus began the game. The rules of the game were simple. Two seperate chambers, two seperate buttons, rich and poor.

1. If both decide to help the poor by pushing the poor button, each will get 10 million Nasheers.
2. If both decide to help the rich, no one will get any amount.
3. If one decides to help the rich while the other to help the poor, the one helping the rich will get 12 million Nasheers while the other will get none

Of course when the time came, both decided to go for the rich. Why? It is assumed that the players were desperate enough to choose an option which would fetch them more money. 

And at the end no one was able to win any money and they remained poor for the rest of their lives.


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