An ideological sheep.

Ideologies make human beings different from other species.  A set of conscious beliefs is needed to define one's course of action, thoughts and thinking. Given options, the permutations of those options and combinations of your probable actions is based upon past actions and a set of beliefs which defines morality.

But we have several ideologies well established in our past. Feudalism, capitalism, socialism, communism, anarchism.

However, the herd mentality. You know, a sheep looks beautiful when it is grazing alone on a broad green pasture on a bright breezy sunny day. But look at the commonality of it when thousands appear on the same field doing the grazing upon the same pasture.

Ask any one of them, why it thinks that the grass over here is greener than the rest. It will say "dude! look at the past. It is because of our ancestors who have successfully grazed upon this field, under the ownership of our Master, that we are here. And not only I but look at my friends yonder, they also think the grass is greener here. Our Master is all benevolent and treats us equally. It is because of him that I can stand legs to legs with my friends."

But they are just sheep! It looks okay for them to have such arguments and sacrifice their decisions to commonality. After all commonality is their comfort zone. Their safe haven.

Don't bother about those above sheep musings. I am not being sacrcastic.

 For I am a sheep as well. And I hate being so. And I want to shear my fleeces of wool and sell it to buy a typewriter. But wait, the owner does not allow me to sell my own wool. He just takes it away and not only me but gives the same treatment to everyone. And in return gives the same fodder albeit a little less to  everyone.

Okay, for the sake of fodder, I am sacrificing my dream of buying a typewriter. May the almighty Dog gives our Master the strength to bring in more fodder and perhaps typewriters for all of us.


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