Believing in lies

Believing in lies

What is the meaning of this life
You are here and gone tomorrow

your achievements would get faded
your failures would get dusted
your dreams would get raided

After all that you would do
can there be any meaning to all
at all?

Now don't tell me about the life beyond life
don't tell me about the heaven and hell
For I am not going to believe a religious fairy tale

Oh no
I won't be lying today
that I do have a weakness to some fairy tales
wouldn't it solve a problem
if I believe in  hell and a heaven
if I believe in a judgement day
if I believe in cults of sixes and sevens
I am tempted to lull away

But then I wonder
Can believing in lies
is worth a while?
And I ponder
How much more can I try
to not get lulled by those lies


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