Blogging for what?

Ever since starting my digital diary, I have been in two minds on why to blog after all. The writing part is what I need and if this can be fulfilled by writing journal entries, then what is the need for blogging anything?

I have mentioned in my previous post on why I am distancing myself from IB. My distance would definitely bring no readers to my blog. And to be honest, I am happy that way for even though I want others to read what I write, I do not want to be a writer to other readers. It is something which I feel would hamper my personal growth.

So, back to the question. Why blog after all? I guess because of posterity. I want to record my thoughts for the future. For I will never be an immortal but my writings will be. You can say that I do have this wish of staying on the digital world even after my death. Weird right?

Also, after every year, I am planning to print a book which would contain a year's blogposts in its verbatim. I will then have volumes of my blog for all the years that I will live on this earth. Weird again, right?

I cannot do all of this with my digital diary, for it contains far more direct, straightforward thoughts which I will never want others to find out. Even I wont be reading my entries. The diary entries, are afterall a means to talk to yourself and not a thing to share with the world or to take print outs of.

And hence for the posterity, immortality and self narcissism, I blog and will keep on blogging.


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