Do unto others!

There was a study as mentioned in the book Thinking fast and slow where two groups of children were asked to not eat any Oreo biscuits, for half an hour, laid out on the table. However the fact that  they will be monitored from a camera installed in that room was only mentioned to the first group.

The results were not so surprising. Except for one or two cases, almost all the children in the first group didn't dare to eat those delicious biscuits. The complete opposite, however, happened in the second group.

The reason for such behaviour is evident enough. The fear of an observer, watching our activities ominipresently, leads a believer in the path of righteousness, as defined by that observer.

What if I told you that there is no such observer in this world or beyond; that no one controls your life except for you! From the social experiment done in that book, is it, then, to be believed that without any observer there will be no civility, morality, honesty, decency, discipline and ethics?

Yes! there will definitely be a jungle raj!

But, this conclusion is based on the asssumption that the existence of an observer is disbelieved.

But there are observers. Yes, we need observers and it is the personal choice of people to choose one observer over another. Humble perspective of mine speaks of 3 observers in broader sense, in one's life. God, Human beings and self.

If one goes to believe in god, then his morality and ethics will be based on some religion or some self applied moral conducts considering the God as an observer. But how far those religious scriptures and self applied conducts are right is a matter of debate.

I won't even consider other human beings as good observers, for human beings are unpredictable!

However, can anyone believe in oneself as the observer and lead a morally correct life? Yes, but then again, is morality not a subjective thing? What is morality anyway?

Can the Golden rule "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" be taken as the rule to distinguish right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate, morality and immorality ?

I do not have much answer to such questions, however I do believe in that Golden rule.


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