Forgiveness and my imaginary friend

Hello dear, so nice to be talking to you here

whao whao! Who are you? And how the heck are you writing those words in my blogging note pad?

Now Now! Dont't pretend as if you don't know me. I am after all your creation. Your imaginary friend! Remember the childhood days? We used to do all the fun together but now it seems you don't need me anymore.

Yeah Yeah. Whatever. Bygones are bygones. Now do me a favour and please leave this place. I have something to write on forgiveness.

Forgiveness? Now that's something. So what do you mean by forgiveness. Just asking. Let me while away here for sometime. It's been so long to not to have interacted with you. Please. So forgiveness..?

yeah okay. Forgiveness is a cope up mechanism developed by the race of homo sapiens to deal with there propensity towards sins.

Can you be more elaborative? Can you be more of a layman?

What I mean to say is that we beings have this innate ability to do things in response to a stimuli. If someone likes us, we like him/er even more. If someone shows kindness to us, we show our love. If someone comes to us with open heart, we embrace him/er with trust. And if someone breaks our trust, we show a plethora of varied emotions- cry, become a victim of betrayal, become a whining machine, become untrustworthy, become unforgiving, plan revenge, device public shammings, plot a list of to do's which might even list murder !

So we become victims of our sins- anger, hatred, revenge and what not. But sins make us feel more comfortable. We feel comfort displaying our responses to stimuli. We are after all animals.

But how can then forgiveness be a cope up mechanism if we get comfort from those emotions.

Good question. Let me tell you a bit of my thoughts. I said that we are animals. But we are not animals. Oxymoron?

Here is the thing. We are animals which have evolved through millions and millions of minute changes to our body and brain. The fact is that even you, who resides in my brain has taken an online platform. The advancement from mere shouts to messengers on twos to messengers on fours to messengers on wings to messengers on web, speaks a volume about the technological intelligence of human beings.

Do you think fire was discovered and channelised out of grudges, unforgiveness, anger, despondency, misery and hatred. No, only noble men of curious minds, only brave men of unburdened minds had made such discoveries and inventions.

We are meant to progress. We are meant to be more productive, efficient and wise. It is the only means to our survival.

Hence if we stay cuddled in our comfort of animalistic behaviour, can you envisage a moment of productivity in you? an ounce of efficiency in you? a hint of wisdom in you?

The rest is for you to deduce

Okay for now. But does that come easily to you?

How can I tame the animal in me that easily? No it doesn't come easily to me. It is a conscious effort to use my faculties to keep a track of that animal. Technically speaking, that animal is not much of a help to me to allow him to roam feely.

And hence logically speaking it is definitely a worth of my efforts to consciously follow the  10 commandments of forgiveness.

Now what are those 10 commandments?

That's for another day, my friend. For another day.  Now get the hell out of here.

Ya Ya going. just last question. Isn't this forgiveness thing that you follow not written in the holy books?  How can you being an atheist follow their jargons?

For the last time I am asking you to not to mistake my choice of religionless godless way of life with a hatred towards religion and other's belief. I do not hate them. It is just not my cup of tea.

And as for following the same principle. I can assure you that this is one of the few things mentioned there which is in all the worthy thinking sensible, practical and beneficial.

Now will you please leave my space. I am used to loneliness now.

And off he goes


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