Free will Vs. God's will - II

Anirmal Darbar Baba happened to have a public discourse in his Town. This made Awiswas very excited. Finally he would be able to clear his conundrums he so relentlessly tried to find solutions to. All of his problems started a week ago when he casually started reading a book on Free Will. Awiswas never liked reading non fiction books. Getting into a fiction feels like watching a movie but the difference is that you can always get to choose apt actor for each character, can always choose the best of the best locations, can easily zoom in zoom out your camera angles. But the biggest difference lies in the fact that it's the fiction novels which gets me acquainted with the inner ramblings of the characters. Thought he whenever he saw posts of people preferring non fiction books over fiction books.

But this book that he was able to get his hands on, had a certain charm to it. As if the title of the book, Free Will, tried to shout at him "Come here my boy. I will tell you the biggest fallacy of this world".

 And so sitting on his favorite recliner read he the book from the start of the book and met an end with the book at the end of the book.

People always think that it is the visual media which has a bigger impact on one's mind. This hypothesis has led a flood of moolahs in the visual media through advertisement. But now Awiswas realised its falsity. Read each word and see how it stirs your emotions, read a paragraph and see how it creates a wave of unpredictability, read an entire book and see how those small waves metamorphose into a tsunami. He felt. And when he heard about Anirmal Baba's satsang to be held at his place he soon started to have high hopes on the Baba, for he is reputed of solving all such dithers and inner chaos.

He had never seen such a huge gathering. He was atleast relieved that he was able to grab the third row and was securely albeit uncomfortably seated. Then entered Baba Anirmal and took his singhasan on the podium. He started his usual session of problems and solutions. The first in line was a lady of mid forty's. She asked Anirmal Baba a solution to her son's negligence in his studies.

Baba took a sip of water, cleared his throat and with a serene face which has seen all the wisdoms of this world and beyond he said

 "Mataji, how much chocolate do you give to your boy in a day?"

"Maharaj, He demands a chocolate almost everyday whenever I return to our home from work"

"Hmm.." with closed eyes he said "Start giving your child two chocolates a day and see how god shines his blessings on him"

The next in the line was Awiswas. He stood up from his place and asked "Baba, Do you think that we have a control on what we do"

Baba: What kind of question is it? Of course we have full control on us by the grace of god.

Awiswas: But can it not be that our will is influenced by our surroundings, our past actions and our present situation? If that is so, then is it not wrong to think of our will as free will.
Baba: Now who said that our will is free. Beta, our will is guided by God and nothing else. We should submit ourselves to him. What you do in future, whether you succeed or fail depends on the will of the God. Now I, through years of tapasya can suggest you a way to bring back the blessings from god.

Awiswas: Do suggest me Maharaj.

Baba: How many hours do you watch television?

Awiswas: I do not. I instead love reading books

Baba: Then start watching television and take one rasgolla daily and see those blessings come to you through my darbar.

Awiswas was latter found getting addicted to television. The idiot box is not that idiot after all. It does give delusionary peace and add it up with a rasgolla, anyone can sail through this absurd life. 


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