Get dressed to play

Get dressed to play

A dream that I had
Broken now like a brick on a brick
An ambition that I had
dead by an arrow with a shriek

A love that I have
Dare I misbehave
hence silhouettes of dreams in the grave
oh Dog! I feel so depraved

I wonder how much
do I have to sacrifice
keep on turning the dice
keep on throwing some ice
on my dreams
oh don't you hear me scream

that I make
when I take
when I break
when I forsake
 my dreams  out of my device?
And how much do I have to sacrifice?
so this love comes with a price?

I mean to be selfish
to do what I wish
just a little happiness to squish
But I wish
that I could do that
for your love bells this cat
and I cannot chase those rats

I throw one more of my dreams away
on that dead dream's burial bay
look there's no ray
darkness all over the way
but I look away
and see your happy face
a sign of no distress
and yet again I get dressed
tune my guitar to play
and play
what you ask me to play


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