Had would have day

Let us mark a day to dedicate a fallacy that I call as "had would have" fallacy.

Apart from the fact that had would have would have been a perfect title for a poem, this day can also remind people of the most common form of argument that almost all the people have used at some point in their life.

Since it is a form of argument I would like to present it in a logical sequence and try to show how it is used.

The general form of had would have fallacy can be written as

Had an event A occured, then an event B would have occured.

However it is not explicit that Events A and B are causal in nature and this makes the argument weak but causality is hardly ever noticed by people.

So here is an example :

Had you believed in God, you would have been more honest.

Now how can believing in God (event A) has any causality with being honest (event B).

It is implicitly stated here that believing in God would make one honest but to affirm its causality, no statistics is presented.

This fallacy is also called Hypothesis contrary to fact. I guess, this is an apt name for the fallacy as in general we must be able to differentiate a hypothesis with a fact and see the contradiction to such arguments.

And now to present another argument, here I write

Had you celebrated had would have day, you would have seen the contradiciton in that politician's speech


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