Lack of attention-ADHD

Meet Pratik. He used to have trouble reading and comprehending. the Cs would be wrtten as Es and Bs would be written as Ds. The doctors didn't find an abnormality. You however cannot blame the doctors, for there was not much awareness among the doctors, specially those practicing in small towns, like the one where Pratik used to stay.

However, Pratik's parents were understanding and they guided him throughout his childhood phase. He would be asked to study in front of them. His mother would constantly keep on correcting his c's and d'd, his e's and f's. It took them 15 years to correct Pratik's behavioural and comprehensional difficulties. Pratik now learnt perfectly well his day to day routine guided by his parents. He would wake up early at 5, do his exercises, a morning bath, an hour of study, then school and back home to repeat.

It was obvious that under such structures, Pratik would do well. And he did. The rest of the three years till he got into an institute for bachelor's were his peak days. He became an achiever in his field of academics.

But would he have been able to survive his hostel life? His unstructured life? His unregulated life. A life of alcohol, weed, drinks and smokes and those late nights?

It was much later, when he got a year loss in his second year that he realised the repercussions. He was never a  failure in his life. But what had then happened which led him to fail so miserably?

He pledged to put some structure to his daily life. But how? He was unable to think properly. If you look at his room, it would be a room full of dirty clothes, ashes of cigarettes, bottles of whisky and rum. Some half filled some empty.

In frustration he threw everything away; out of his room.

There were times when he kept on staring a blank wall. His thoughts would be random, halphazard. But he would forget the moment any thought came to his mind. He was literally blank in inside of his mind.

He was an introvert. Amidst alcohol and smokes, he would have a chat with some of his few close friends but for most of the time, he would remain aloof in his room. If you look closely, you will find a hard copy of 'crime and punishment' lying unread in his empty almirah. He used to be an avid reader when he was in his home, under the protective wings of his parents. What has life led him to. He cried, He cried a lot.

There were days. Many a days when he would forget the names of his friends. What was that guy's name. a..b..c.. no f..i..? yes it starts from v. but then vi? va? ve? yes yes.. vivek.. His name is vivek, he would find out after several days of struggle.

He contemplated suicide. But how can that be done? He had no idea neither he had a brain which can form coherent thoughts.

His behaviour was soon noticed by his few friends and they didn't take time to call his parents. He was thus taken home. to his protective shelter. to the love of his parents. to his safe haven where he was an achiever.


Pratik was suffereing from depression. But there is more to it. He has ADHD.Which in its full form means Attention Deficit Hyperactive Syndrome. All though it might look like dyslexia, but lack of attention is also considered as a reason for dyslexic problems.  Pratik had been suffering from attention deficit throughout his life. People like Pratik do well when they are given a constant watch. A guided regimentary life.

But people suffering from ADHD lack executive function, for most of the cases. Executive function helps a person to take his decisions, give a sense of direction to his thoughts and  plan his future action according to his thoughts.



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