My growing distance from Indiblogger

I am not a teenager. I have left that age of romanticism years ago. And hence, there remains thousands of questions in my mind which cannot be quenched by some childish logic put forward by some not so childish people.

I have faced a lot of personal problems because of so many absurd questions and situations that eventually led me get succumed to depression. I have overcome my depression. And I will be honest here, because the writing process has been the crucial factor for my strength in overcoming depression.

There are thoughts. Thousands of thoughts, which if not written gets dumped in a corner of my mind without any logical conclusions. The writing process has led me place those incoherent thoughts in their coherent places. I have lots to write and lots and lots of questions to find answers to.

Blogging, to me came as a rescue. Here is a medium which can be considered as a canvas for my thoughts. And so I blog. And then came the tendency of showing off my work. My thoughts to some like minded people. And hence I joined Indiblogger.

I have nothing against Indiblogger as such. It has given me, in a short period of time, a chance to interact with a couple of like minded people. And if not like minded, then definitely people having posts worth reading. I thought of naming them, but at this stage I do not bother to name anyone. Not that I am arrogant, but because I am sure that hardly anyone will read this post. Why?

Because I have decided to withdraw my future submissions from IB. The reason is personal. I started my writing for my own purpose. For seeking answers to my own problems. to my own questions.

But off late I have observed this tendency to write for other's appreciation and comments. This was never my purpose. Of course I like to interact with other people but just mere Awsome! and Wonderful! doesn't feel like interaction. But even to get those comments I was tending to write pieces.

No. I say no to such propensity. I do not want to write for others. I want to write for myself. Right or wrong. Ugly or beautiful. Shit or shite. I want to discover myself through my writing.

And hence I am distancing my submissions from IB. But, I do want to interact and read articles of some of the IB bloggers, whom I have grown fond of. And hence I will be always present in that community but as a reader.


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