My Sanity and Sudoku

Numbers bring a definite charm to the existence of mankind. The ability to count itself signifies that, whether you like it or hate it, the numbers are going to stay amidst human beings forever.

There is a puzzle called sudoku which celebrates the existence of numbers. If you see a 9 x 9 grid within which there exists nine 3 x 3 grid then there is a good chance that you have encountered a Sudoku. And if you see random display of numbers in select boxes within those grids then you can be sure that it is a Sudoku after all.

The rule of the puzzle is simple. And this is why I consider it as a game which celebrates the existence of numbers. One has to fill up the empty boxex with numbers. But you cannot put random numbers into it. Each and every number you enter should have a logic behind it.  And the logic should fulfil the constraint that the same single number must not appear twice in the same row, same column and same 3 x3 grid.

Whenever I feel distressed or whenever my thought process becomes foggy, I play sudoku. It makes me feel like a detective. You are provided with some hints in the form of numbers. And based on those numbers. you need to find out the numbers for all the other boxes.

The tough part while solving a sudoku comes when you do not get any further clue on where to put a particular number. And that's the part where I become an under paid, hard working private detective, who goes in each of the houses surrounding the crime scene and asks relentlessly the same repeated questions until he gets a clue. And that clue, that just one clue helps him in solving the mystery.

However, it is not just about being a detective of numbers in a silly game. This game makes me realise the game of cause and effect, when you are aware of the constraints. One number, if it gets misplaced, the other numbers also follow the trend whether you want it or not. So, if you want the effect of solving the puzzle correctly, you need to correct the cause of placing a number in a box correctly.


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