Ring, bling, king, thing

Ring, bling, king, thing

Somewhere, everywhere within this world
you'll see faces of fears swirled and curled
look at their eyes, snakes of fear getting whorled
look at their hearts, tucked away somewhere and furled

Somewhere amongst the faces you will find a face
A rebel within him under that trace
that disgrace of fear he embrace
this trace, this track, this race he is afraid to face

and somewhere amongst the faces you will find that face

Ask him what is he doing there confined in those fears
Ask him why he dried his tears amidst those fears within those years

Shh.. Are you listening?
A faint voice rising 
An A chord from his six strings
A ring, bling, king,thing and he sings

Have you ever had to
lock your self in a room
amidst those toxic fumes
amidst those wet clouds and glooms

Have you ever had to
face defeats
after a thousand repeats
when born an athelete
you had to sit backseat
when winning sounds a distant beat
a faint tweat
coming from your back street
but then you realise your defeats
after a thousand repeats

A trembling voice cannot sing
My six strings of fear, they do sting
A ring,bling,king,thing and a fallen wing


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