Solitude, Isolation and Frankenstein

A lingering effect remains after the completion of a novel. Like apparition in the dreams, the characters roam around. The mind seeks answers from those characters. And one such character, whom the mind wants justification from, is Victor Frankenstein.

Victor goes to solitude in search for knowledge of life and death. He, thus attaining the knowledge sought extreme isolation for the construction of a monster. He was able to give life to that lifeless, huge, ugly monster but afraid as was he, ran away from his creation.

What was the fault of his creation? His ugliness, monstrosity and fiendness only appeared on his physical form but his behaviour was more like a new born baby; curious and fearless.

What wrong did that monster do? The mind looks at the scene of confrontation between Victor and that monster. The monster was beseeching Victor to make a companion of his kind. He admitted the fact that because of his ugliness and monstrosity in his look, he won't be able to find a human companion (Because of human prejudice; good looking anyone??) and so he asked his master to make a companion for him. He would leave the human habitation forever and would never create any ruckus if his master acted upon his request.

What wrong did the monster do when he asked his master for a companion who would understand his feelings, his emotions, his plight, his anguish, his torments, his aspirations and his thoughts?

The mind seeks answer from Victor. The apparition of Victor had many answers but were not convincing enough. Victor was afraid to grant the monster his wish, because he didn't know the repercussions of creating another monster. The mind found the answer tenuous and unconvincing. He had already created a monster, who if not given a companion would go on a murder spree, thus killing human beings!

What harm would Victor have done had he heeded to his plea and deviced a companion for him?

Even a savage needs companion. Why was Victor reluctant in granting his creation his need?

Perhaps even a monster who sought a company would then have sought a group, then a colony, then a society and then a world of his own.

Or perhaps Victor had failed to understand that the monster, like some  human beings, can remain happy with his companion, in solitude.

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