Suicide Note

Suicide Note

I have this fear now
that I won't be long

I saw I was failing
that I won't be strong

I saw I was guilty
that no one saw wrong

I sought some help but
but neither you dwelled

And that I do think of
think of dying into this well

And can you make me think of
think of dwelling into this nail

for how could you know
  that I had this dread of
to dream of buying this dream

can't you hear my filthy dream of
hear my shunt scream of
 that I dream alone of
being so alone!

and don't miss when I go alone
when I go alone

Don't be scared now
cause I will be ashed by now
Don't now  lose the hope now
for when I do elope now

As when you ask me
for where I have been
I am the lost me and
I will tell you just one thing
that leave those things
And think of for a safe ride
cause I will be by your side

forever till my ride

forever till my ride

Yes I have done my mistakes
uncountable at your stakes
unaccountable for being so fake

to do this last mistake of
to think of forgetting my life off

Please think of getting my life off
hence I end of what I write of


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