Syllogism of fantasm

Syllogism of fantasm

Once upon a time a rebel existed amidst the religious diapasm
Aristotle, the rebel, thus deviced a logic called syllogism

to bring logic amongst the masses
to shred the figmented fancies of fantasm 
to bring clarity to the fuzziness in their glasses
to kindle the oblivion formed beneath the blind faith's chasm

Here is the prime example against the omnipotent
Writing down the argument but some might lament
For I write the clichés like an old docent

God is omnipresent, omnipotent
God is all benevolent
Hence there can't be any malevolence
But can't you see humanity in virulence
But how can god create such malevolence being in such benevolence?
despite persistence the Holy books provide inconsistence!
And hence I prove the god's non existence.

But sad is the fact
that such logics get slacked
Masses' faith in fantasm kept intact
any logic is refuted and they retract

Indeed sad is the fact
that the masses' faith in fantasm
is kept intact


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